Green Steps

green steps

Clemson Elementary is a Green Steps School. The Green Steps program is an environmental education initiative that recognizes schools in South Carolina who take annual sustainable steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. Our students have “turned up the green” with a series of projects. The goal of the Green Steps Program is to encourage individual schools to take annual steps to conserve, protect, and restore the environment.
mulch    music garden
Spring 2017

Our school started a Garden Club in 2015. The club participates in conservation of water through rain barrels to grow and maintain various beds around the school. Upper grade classes are encouraged to contribute to the compost piles that are used to nourish our garden beds. We partner with local agencies, including the SC Botanical Gardens, Carolina Clear, Clemson University's Agronomy Club, and Collins Landscaping Group, to provide hands on experiences and educational opportunities for the kids that participate in the Garden Club.

garden club
guest speaker
Spring 2017

2017-18 Green Steps
In December 2017, students used leftover Christmas tree trimmings and native greenery along with recycled fencing to create a winter wreath.  See photos below.

Winter 2017

In the spring of 2018, the Garden Club involved the entire school by having each class root plant cuttings in water.  The Garden Club made diagrams of the plant parts.  The cuttings were then planted in flowerpots by the Garden Club and given back to the classrooms.  This school-wide educational project for Green Steps improves the quality of air in the whole school building.
Spring 2018

2018-19 Green Steps
Club members have participated in various activities to raise their awareness of ways they can have a positive impact on the environment.  Planting flowers around our school, discovering ways to help pollinators from an area beekeeper, and observing nature at a local creek are a few of the experiences that enabled our students to learn about environmental responsibility.  

Students transplant herbs that they grew from seeds.

Students plant flowers for pollinators at the entrances of the school.

Mrs. Broome teaches about beekeeping and the importance of pollinators. 

Beecher close
Clemson University Professor Lance Beecher taught students signs of a healthy stream. Students learned about erosion control after a flash flood occurred. 

bird seed
bird feeder
Students used recycled materials to create bird feeders. Students also created gifts to exchange using all recycled materials.

K4 students       Mrs. Dobson lesson
K4 interact
Clemson Elementary's youngest students in 4K start vermicomposting when learning to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Older students donated the worms and jars.