The last few years have brought many changes in the methods teachers use to address learning. This has been due, in part, to the addition of a plethora of technological tools that were made available to teachers and students. These tools are integrated into the curriculum to help prepare the 21st century student.

Polyvision interactive whiteboards are installed in every classroom. Each teacher has been provided with a laptop computer for maintaining records, creating classroom presentations, and engaging in planning for their students.

To further support the integration of technology into instructional practices, Clemson Elementary School students have laptops, Chromebooks, and desktop computers  available for student use throughout the school.

Many teachers are teaching with iPads and Kindles, and the upper grades are beginning to implement the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to school on designated days.

The Library Media Center has a variety of digital cameras, Flip cameras, camcorders, microphones, digital audio recorders, 2 mobile laptop carts, and a mobile TV cart for circulation to support student interaction during classroom presentations.

The computer lab is used by all grades on a weekly basis. Students are taught basic computer skills and Internet safety while developing a variety of technology-based projects.

All of these tools help to facilitate the development of activities to authentically engage students in producing iMovies, podcasts, electronic stories, blogs, and other products designed to share messages related to mobility. 

Technology, project-based learning, inquiry, collaboration, research, standards integration, and authentic products develop students who are self-motivated, strategic thinkers who take responsibility for their own learning.

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