Mission Statement

Our vision is to provide a caring and stimulating environment where all will recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so they can become independent, responsible citizens who adapt effectively to an ever-changing and inter-dependent world.
Our mission is to provide all students a foundation that inspires life-long learning, fosters positive self-concept, and promotes citizenship by providing meaningful learning experiences in a safe and nurturing environment through the combined efforts of the students, parents, staff, and community.

We believe...
  • we have an obligation to provide our best efforts to benefit students.
  • student and teacher growth is mutually advantageous.
  • working as a team makes us better individuals and professionals.
  • developing one’s full potential must address developing the cognitive, physical, and emotional growth of each individual.
  • encouraging respect for others builds personal self-esteem.
  • understanding and respect for cultural diversity contribute to an enriched society.
  • promoting logical thinking rooted in creativity contributes to an intellectually stimulating and challenging school environment.
  • curiosity and enthusiasm are attributes worthy of fostering in students and adults.