What is multiage?

Multiage classrooms include groups of students that have an age span greater than one year. In a classroom termed “non-graded,” students do not receive a grade level distinction. However, our “multiage” classrooms include grade level distinctions. They contain students in two grade levels. The difference between a multiage classroom and a “split” classroom is one of philosophy and implementation.

What is the goal of multiage education?

The goal of multiage classrooms is to maximize the benefits and interaction among students of various ages. The teacher encourages students to help each other and to learn together. The classroom is child-centered and theme-based, with integrated curricula. Hands-on projects and experiences help to meet objectives.

Teachers guide students to maintain portfolios for authentic assessment. Teachers use flexible, temporary groups to give instruction to students, regardless of age, who need the same kind of instruction for specific skills. 

The multiage classroom becomes a positive, nurturing and safe environment for its students. When this type of environment is provided, the result is happy children!