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Curriculum Overviews and Standards

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Four year old kindergarten is a year filled with multi-sensory, meaningful and relevant activities focused on the whole child. We use the South Carolina State Department of Education's standards as a guideline for all of our instruction. The implementation of curriculums such as Zoo-phonics, Everyday Math, Project Read and Handwriting without Tears offer systematic enrichment to all of our learning goals. Most of the 4K day is spent in the classroom learning to function as a whole, cooperate with each other, make good choices and to be responsible. Our desire for 4K is to build a firm foundation for later learning. We especially want our 4K children to realize that learning is fun and school is a safe, exciting place to be!


Kindergarten is an exciting hands-on time of discovery, socialization, and learning. A multi-sensory approach is used in all areas of teaching. Learning is enhanced through the utilization of community resources such as guest speakers and field trips.



Second graders study the life cycle of animals with the highlight of growing a butterfly. In social studies we learn about our communities and how they change over time. We go on field trips to learn the history of the local communities. In math students learn two-digit addition and subtraction with regrouping. We also cover money, time, geometry, and measurement.


Third graders at Clemson Elementary are challenged and excited by the introduction of cursive writing, South Carolina history, and multiplication. As part of the study of South Carolina history, third graders take a field trip to Columbia, our state capital. We visit the Riverbanks Zoo, the State Museum, and the State House. Students get to see first-hand many of the animals and artifacts that make South Carolina unique. Third grade is also the first year students take the Palmetto Achievement Challenge Test (PACT), a test is taken throughout the state to determine the success of individuals as well as of schools. Clemson Elementary is very proud of the outstanding PACT results attained by students and faculty.


Fourth graders at Clemson Elementary learn organization and responsibility as they change classes each period for reading, language, math, science, and social studies. Quest, the gifted and talented program, is also available for students who qualify in math or reading. Students enjoy opportunities for movement and being able to work with different teachers. Teamwork is also stressed throughout the year, ending with a three-day field trip to Camp Thunderbird, an environmental education center on Lake Wylie. There the students work together to learn and to complete different tasks.

Fourth graders have many opportunities to excel outside the classroom through different activities offered before, during, and after school. These activities include Jump Rope Team, Chorus, Math Superstars, Odyssy of the Mind, and the Chess Team.

We feel that fourth grade provides students with necessary learning experience and with opportunities for much growth.


Fifth grade strives to provide a positive educational experience to every student in all areas. The Reading classes continue building comprehension skills and study skills while reading from various genres. Our writing focuses on bringing writing to life through systematic implementation, expanding thoughts, and feelings. In math, number and operations is the core with emphasis on how to divide with fluency, understand fractions while using addition and subtraction operations, and begin looking at various number patterns. Algebra, geometry, measurement, and data analysis continue to be the focus as well as problem solving. The science curriculum explores our land from the inner core to the mountaintops as well as the beginning of chemistry, biology, and physics. The social studies curriculum encompasses many different areas of social studies, history, geography, economics, and good citizenship. Learning about United States history during the periods after the Civil War to present day as well as performing service to the school, their families, and the community is stressed. 

The students, in the fifth grade, have individual daily schedules and are able to move freely from class to class to prepare them for middle school. The fifth grade teachers incorporate cooperative learning and team building within the classrooms so that the students are successful in working together. The safety patrol team opens car doors as students arrive at school each day. Students also have the opportunity to raise and lower the flag on a daily basis and be a part of the WCES school news team. 

The 5th grade takes an exciting field trip to Washington D.C. We visit many different historical sights, such as the Air and Space Museum, and the Smithsonian Museum in the spring of each school year.

Fifth grade provides students with a positive learning experience to prepare them with a strong foundation as they move forward to their next venture.


Strengthening reading, writing, and thinking skills is the focus of the fourth and fifth-grade Quest classes.

Odyssey of the Mind OOTM Information
Gifted and Talented Program Information
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What is multiage?

Multiage classrooms include groups of students that have an age span greater than one year. In a classroom termed “non-graded,” students do not receive a grade level distinction. However, our “multiage” classrooms include grade level distinctions. They contain students in two grade levels. The difference between a multiage classroom and a “split” classroom is one of philosophy and implementation.

What is the goal of multiage education?

The goal of multiage classrooms is to maximize the benefits and interaction among students of various ages. The teacher encourages students to help each other and to learn together. The classroom is child-centered and theme-based, with integrated curricula. Hands-on projects and experiences help to meet objectives.

Teachers guide students to maintain portfolios for authentic assessment. Teachers use flexible, temporary groups to give instruction to students, regardless of age, who need the same kind of instruction for specific skills. 

The multiage classroom becomes a positive, nurturing and safe environment for its students. When this type of environment is provided, the result is happy children! 

Multi-Age Questions and Answers



Students are inspired to use their imagination and creativity in visual arts projects.

Computer Lab

Students are taught to sharpen their technology skills.


Students open the doors to the world through enrichment in reading, researching, and exploring.


Students are involved with discovering musical expression through singing, listening, playing instruments, and movement! A big focus is on musical literacy: reading, writing, and creating. Music appreciation is explored through composer studies and listening examples. Several grade levels perform musical productions throughout the school year. In addition, fifth grade students study ukelele, guitar, and recorder. Fourth grade students study recorder. All students have access to orchestral instruments, xylophones, and a variety of unpitched percussion instruments.

Physical Education

Students are motivated to learn physical skills and lifelong healthy habits.

Jump Rope for Heart Program

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  • Something Special, Clemson Elementary's related arts festival, is offered each spring as a showcase promoting the arts for our children. 


Cl emson Elementary School has three self contained Special Education Classes and one resource class. Students that are enrolled in the self contained classes are assigned by the district special service's office. 
The students in these classes are worked with on their level of understanding and their specific needs. Speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy are given by district employees if this has been assigned to the child. All students in these classes are very much a part of the entire school environment. They participate in field trips, lunch, recess, assemblies, and activity classes as appropriate for the child. Some students are mainstreamed into regular classes . All students who receive services from these classes are warmly welcomed by all the faculty and students here at Clemson Elementary. 
The self contained are widely supported in Special Olympics. The regular education classes make banners for the students in these classes. The Clemson After-School program sponsors these students by purchasing matching t-shirts for all participants. The school does a send off parade as the students march around the halls with chants from all the grades. Some classes and faculty attend the Special Olympics' events and march with the students in the opening assembly in the lighting of the torch.

Special Services and Programs

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ESOL PROGRAM: English for Speakers of Other Languages

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